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Believe in Your Feminine – To Enhance Creative Power

Believe In Your Feminine    Believe in your feminine? Not something that has been encouraged. Why? Because in patriarchy we have been taught to believe in the masculine. The feminine, as it has been allowed to show up outside of sex and nurturing (e.g. in the arts), has been an indulgence to enjoy once real […]

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My Body’s Feminine Wisdom Visualisation

Patriarchy and the Female Body   Feminine Wisdom Visualisation has not been so very common in patriarchy! Indeed, it is probably safe to guess that, regardless of what country you grew up in, your creed or colour, listening to feminine wisdom visualisations was not part of your regular school curriculum!In a way, the very opposite has […]

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Fertility Doubts – How To Stop Them Overtaking Intuition

Fertility Doubts And Fears   It is not unusual for fertility doubts to show up on a more frequent basis as time passes. Perhaps somewhere deep down we might even feel a duty to have fertility doubts. And other thoughts consistent with the patriarchal idea that a woman’s value decreases as she ages. That her creative power […]

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Having A Baby After 40 – The Role Of Hope

Having A Baby After 40   Having a baby after 40 is something that more and more women find themselves considering. And getting pregnant over 40 is becoming more and more common.Recently I read an article around the topic of raising false hope for women on the fertility journey. I haven’t been able to locate it […]

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