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Fast Tracking Your Creations Or Not?

​Are You Fast Tracking Your Creations? In our patriarchal, male world we have been taught than in order to fast-forward our creations we need to ​(1) know the ‘right’ people and/or (2) have the ‘right’ knowledge or insider information.  ​In other words, moving forward at a more accelerated pace requires ​us to be plugged into certain echelons […]

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Your Relationship With Men – Is It Helping You?

​Your Relationship With Men…​Is your relationship with men helping you to create what you want most in the world – or, perhaps, preventing you from doing that? In other words, are you in your own feminine power (not to be confused with being overpowering) – or playing out some role that we have learned as […]

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Expressing Your Creative Feminine® Qualities? 3 Ways To Tell

Are You Expressing The Fe​minine Qualities You Need To Be Expressing?​Our patriarchal, male world has trained us into believing a one-size-fits-all approach to the kind of feminine qualities we females ‘should’ express.  So when we think ‘feminine qualities’, it’s notions of kindness, nurturing, sexiness, beauty, being intelligent (but not too much) and loyalty​ to the family/relationship/job […]

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Using Your Feminine Fuel? 3 Ways To Tell

​Are You Using Your Feminine Fuel? ​​​In this video I share with you 3 ways that you can tell if you are using your feminine fuel. Why? Because we have been taught that the ‘fuel’ for our creations consists of hard work, staying focused and being a ‘good’ person (as our patriarchal, male world defines this for […]

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On Your Feminine Path? 3 Ways To Tell

​Are You On Your Feminine Path? ​​​In this video I share with you 3 ways that you can tell if you are on your feminine path. Why? Because we have been taught that the ‘path’ of a woman is to ​find a man, get married (or some version of that), settle down together (house, mortgage etc.) […]

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On Your Feminine Foundations? 3 Ways To Tell

​Are You Connected To Your Feminine Foundations?​​The video below shares ​3 ways to tell if you are leveraging your Creative Feminine™ Foundations. Why?  Because we have been trained to believe that our foundations – our security, source of strength and resources – come from one patriarchal system or another.  Like your patriarchal family, marriage, qualifications or […]

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