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When To Keep Donor Eggs A Secret

​​To Tell Or Not?   ​The ​matter of whether to keep donor eggs a secret is a complex one because it triggers passionate responses in many of us.  Understandably so, as there are several parties involved each of which brings up different considerations. So almost everyone will have a view on donor eggs. Some will be […]

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Use Donor Eggs Or Not? – 3 Tips

​Use Donor Eggs?   ​Have you been considering whether or not to use donor eggs? It’s not a decision that most women take lightly as it flies in the face of so many ideas we have about motherhood (like wanting your baby to have your genes).Nevertheless, due to fears around egg reserves running out​, our […]

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Information About The Egg Donor – Not Enough?

​Information About The Egg Donor     ​So perhaps you are past the fertility hurdle of wondering ‘should I give up or try with donor eggs?’. Or discovered your answer to the question ‘should I tell others I used donor eggs?’​ and are ready to move forward in this direction now.​The likelihood is, that if […]

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Don’t Want Donor Eggs? – 3 Tips

Don’t Want Donor Eggs    There are many reasons why women don’t want donor eggs to create their family. These range from feeling ‘I want my baby to have my genes’ to being worried about the cost of ivf. And a whole host between and beyond those. That’s before considering a partner’s preferences – if […]

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Egg Donation Means ‘You Can’t Do It Alone’?

What Egg Donation Means   Are you someone for whom the subject of egg donation presses a lot of buttons? ​Then, I invite you to read on…​Below is a message I received from the wonderful woman in our tribe who prompted this audio and article. Here is what she had to say:  “Something is triggered in […]

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Tell Donor Egg Baby About Origins?

Tell Donor Egg Baby Or Not?   To tell donor egg baby or not? Perhaps this is something that you have been contemplating. For many women, this pondering emerges from deeper desires – two of which I have explored in the following titles: Want Donor Egg Baby To Feel Like Mine and Want My Baby To […]

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