Can I Start Ovulating After Menopause?

start ovulating after menopause

Start Ovulating After Menopause?   

​Would you like to start ovulating after menopause? It's a topic that is coming up more and more often in the world of fertility. And that, in my opinion, is a very good thing!

This audio and article below were inspired by a question I received from Tracey - one of the wonderful women in our tribe. Here is what she had to say:

​​"Deirdre, do you believe in the ability of the mind to reverse the hormones to tell the pituitary gland to connect again and produce and release eggs? I am curious and want to explore this somehow. What do you think?"

Start Ovulating After Menopause?  
​First Documented Case

​Thank you or your question Tracey. Here is how I am guided to respond. As it has been ​assumed that menopause more or less closes the door on a woman's fertility, not a huge amount of research has been done on exploring, for example, how many women start ovulating again after menopause. Or don't ever stop completely.

That a journal article published in 2007 was the first ever documented case of ovulation in a post-menopausal woman​ is, in part at least, a testament to this. I explored their finding in more de​pth in a post called 'Ovulation at 57'. (Thanks to Drs. Aimee Seungdamrong and Gerson Weiss for your contribution here). ​

​What we don't know about menopause, in my opinion, is far greater than what we do know. Because what we 'know' has been compiled by the male (patriarchal) experience and ​understanding of female fertility and the feminine. ​

A lot of which is merely conjecture that has become 'fact' as so many of us believe it now. (See my post on ovulation after menopause for more on this).

But let's get back to the research...

Start Ovulating After Menopause?
 Research And Beyond

​I have poured over some of the research in a few previous posts which I will link to here. For example, this one dealing with menopause reversal in which menopausal women began ovulating again following this new treatment. Resulting in pregnancy with their own eggs.

​These are early results. However, I feel that they are pointing us to what is going to be happening more and more in the future. That menopause and cessation of certain processes in the body will not be final, as we've understood them to be in patriarchy. (For more on this, see my posts '​Premature Ovarian Failure Pregnancy' and 'Ovarian Function Returns' both of which elaborate on very interesting case studies.)

​But rather we will have more and more possibilities open to us as women. To reactivate our ovaries - as it relates to our current understanding of ovulation - if we so wish. And if that feels authentic for us.

So let's address your question more specifically Tracey...

Start Ovulating After Menopause?
Your Mind

​That the mind plays a part in achievement - especially what we currently believe to be exceptional achievement - is not new.​ For decades now, all the top athletes have been using the power of the mind to visualise their desired results.

So I would be encouraging you, Tracey, to tap into that gorgeous mental capacity of yours for sure! But the way I can serve you most here is to remind you about the importance of Engaging the Feminine® in that process too.

And what I mean by that is to​ tune into, for example, how you feel as you direct your mind. Because how you feel is part of your feminine wisdom and it really matters here.

​For example, you can think about your pituitary releasing levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) that support ovulation:  

(1) while feeling  anxious and desperate or
(2) while feeling curious and excited about playing around with this potential.

In the former you are plugging into just the power of the mind (masculine) - as we have been trained in patriarchy. But the latter leverages your mind (masculine) and your feelings (feminine). Both of which are essential in any co-creation (even if this is not yet understood in patriarchy). ​

Start Ovulating After Menopause?
​Engaging Your Feminine Wisdom

​But there is another part of your question that I would like to comment on here Tracey. In patriarchy, we have been considering female fertility at a very superficial level. An example of that is the uber-focus on the physical dimension - which has been the limit of our precious patriarchal comfort zone!​

​As a result, when we think 'fertility', we very often think about intercourse, ovulation, hormones etc. etc. All of which are very important of course. However, your feminine wisdom has access to a much ​broader understanding of your creative feminine, your deepest desires as a woman and how they are connected.

And I'm inviting you to tap into that aspect of feminine wisdom too ​as you explore this further. So don't just intend to feel that your hormones, pituitary and ovaries are working together in a way that delights you. Engage your feminine wisdom further by intending to connect with your gorgeous feminine power like never before.

By tuning into a wisdom within that is not limited by the ​dominant global understanding of female fertility. And by sensing yourself moving through life now as the woman and mother you would love to be. Because this is not about hormones Tracey. This is about reconnecting with your true creative power and showing up fully as the woman and mother you were born to be!

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