Best Time To Consider Adoption

best time to consider adoption

Best Time To Consider Adoption  

When is the best time to consider adoption? Is it after you have been trying to conceive for years? Or related perhaps more to the age factor. When you might be asking yourself questions like "is it really possible to get pregnant at 48 plus?".

I will share a few external links that might be useful before commenting below on the very best time to consider adoption. For example, here are 10 questions to ask yourself when entertaining the idea of adoption. Along with some of what you need to know about it. While this web page highlights red flags and reasons not to adopt. Which are worth having a look at too.

When Is The Best Time To Consider Adoption?

It was Rekha's message below that inspired me to create this audio and post. Because for me, it shone the spotlight beautifully on when is the best time to consider adoption. Here is what she shared:

You know, Deirdre... last month I saw the movie Lion about the Australian couple who adopted two young boys from an Indian orphanage. This made me realise maybe that other options would be equally as fulfilling and possibly a better fit.

Maybe things happen in life so that one is open to other options that one may not have considered before. I just wanted to share this thought."

I really thank you for this gorgeous share, Rekha, because it is a perfect example of the best time to consider adoption and other possibilities on your fertility journey. Within it I can hear clearly your feminine wisdom guiding you.

The Best Time To Consider Adoption -
Feminine Wisdom

Allow me to explain:  As I read those words, I feel that they are coming from a woman who is living her life. A opposed to someone waiting to live - until baby comes along. I see a woman who is learning, feeling curious and open to possibilities.

The image that comes up for me is a kind of an openness. Open arms considering other options. There is nothing here around time running out to have a baby. Or "I have no choice here because of my age".

Instead Rekha there is a sense of: 

  • Empowerment
  • Trust in your unique process
  • Surrender to a deeper meaning in your journey and
  • Optimism about the future

You are showing up with the question of adoption, not from the patriarchal space that is preoccupied with numbers (e.g. age) and the traditional patriarchal ideas of family. Rather, you are engaging your feminine wisdom....

Best Time To Consider Adoption -
Engaging the Feminine®

You are doing so by tuning into your feelings and what feels most expansive. By revisiting the story of your fertility and allowing yourself to tweak that. And being open to a deeper meaning here. What a lovely place from which to explore adoption or anything else.

And when you understand the feminine contribution to the creative process, you 'get' that this is the very best time to consider adoption. That is when pondering it feels good. Or elicits images and feelings that fill you with wonder and invite you forward in that direction.

And instead of being a last resort in your efforts to have a family, adoption can feel like a delightful next step. A new adventure beckoning you into a fabulous future where you are flowering as the woman and mother you were born to be!

Audio - Best Time To Consider Adoption