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believe in your feminine

Believe In Your Feminine    

Believe in your feminine? Not something that has been encouraged. Why? Because in patriarchy we have been taught to believe in the masculine. The feminine, as it has been allowed to show up outside of sex and nurturing (e.g. in the arts), has been an indulgence to enjoy once real success has been sorted.

So if you desire to have a baby after 40, the default response maybe to find out what others believe about whether this is possible or appropriate for you.

Patriarchy and the Creative Process

But patriarchy doesn't understand fully the creative process. Or the role of the feminine in it. So generations of dreams and desires have never been fulfilled.

And we think that this is the way that life is. But it's not.
It's the way life is when you exclude the feminine.

That's what happens when you forget that all successful co-creation requires a mix of masculine and feminine. When you don't know how to engage your feminine in the journey. Or allow yourself to believe in your feminine guidance and wisdom.

How To Believe In Your Feminine

How do you believe in your feminine? Start by believing in yourself. The worthiness of what you desire. And as you do that, you begin to believe in your feminine. Why so? Because as you tune into her guidance more, and refine your actions accordingly, life begins to flow. You will notice the journey becoming so much more meaningful and fascinating. And life morphs into the adventure you intended it to be.

When you cancel that appointment. Enroll in that course. Call that number. Go for that walk. Give away that garment. Hang up that phone, because that is what feels most joyful, authentic and right for you, life begins to reveal a loveliness that you couldn't previously perceive.

Believing in yourself means going within. Tuning into your deepest desires. Your feminine sensuality. Your sensitivity. Your dreams. Your guidance. Your intuition. And as this becomes a habit in your life, you have no option but to believe in your feminine. Because now you have evidence that she is indeed wise beyond words. The video below offers another angle to help you to believe in your feminine. Enjoy!

Video - Believe In Your Feminine

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