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Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary

Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary  

Can your resonate with being 'angry with doctor for removing my ovary'? Or the idea that a woman would be angry after this experience? I suspect that most of us can and this is not surprising. The ovaries play a very important role in a woman's reproductive health. And also, for many of us, our sense of self as women.

Removal of an ovary seems very final but there is evidence that ovaries are a lot more resistant that we think. Ovarian Remnant Syndrome​ - which occurs when ovarian tissue is inadvertently left behind after removal - demonstrates just how powerful the female ovary really is.

​This audio and article below were inspired by Jayla, one of the wonderful members of our tribe, who shared with me the following:

"Deirdre, I’m very angry with my doctor for accidentally removing my ovary."

Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary - 
Patriarchal Patterns 

When I reflect on this, I’m reminded of the experience in patriarchy that has affected almost every woman at some level. Here it is....

The creative power and value of the feminine has been removed from our understanding of life and how it works. Women have been victims of patriarchy. Indeed at some level, being a victim has been part of the download in our patriarchal world.

It is totally understandable that you feel anger - and way more than that. Because I know that it is some time since this happened in your life, here is where I am guided to support you now. (My proposal for new calculations in fertility over 50​ will also help here).

I would like to invite you to consider that the anger (although totally appropriate), is an invitation from your feminine wisdom to reconnect with your feminine power.

How does that feel when I suggest this? Take your time. Since this has been such a huge experience in your life, you might like to journal on just this question before going any further.

Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary - 
Feminine Wisdom 

And if you sense an openness to entertaining the notion that your feminine wisdom is beckoning you here, then perhaps you could play with the following:

The story of being 'angry with doctor for removing my ovary' is not over yet....

And you are being called to reclaim your Creative Feminine™ power in this. To write another version of the story. One that nourishes you as a woman. One that is connected to your perpetual creative nature.

Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary - 
Feminine Engagement Method™

I’m drawn to hone in on the FORM step of my Feminine Engagement Method​®. With the FORM step, our intention is to create a story other than the patriarchal interpretation. Here's what that might look like...

Imagine that your feminine wisdom is this beautiful woman, and the 'little girl you' is sitting on her lap. It’s really cosy and warm and you can feel her arms embrace you.

She has this grandmother energy about her. And you feel like a very cherished granddaughter. She so loves you. She’s so proud of you. And you can sense her as a very strong, wise energy around you. I invite you to ask her for help to change this story in a way that can serve you now.

Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary - 
Changing The Story

In this audio below, I offer suggestions around how you can engage your feminine wisdom in your story. Take the time to listen and journal on what comes up for you during that.

This is a journey. Just take note as to how you feel when you entertain other perspectives in your story. Breath into them. And record what emerges. Because your feminine wisdom is guiding you in each step.

Without a doubt, what you have experienced as a woman is enormous. But your feminine wisdom is greater than that. And far more resilient.

Allow her to help you here. And be open to having a relationship with this experience in your life that honours your powerful creative contribution. And the woman you came here to be.

Audio - Angry With Doctor For Removing My Ovary  

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