Age And Fertility After 40 – Women’s Contribution

age and fertility after 40

Age and Fertility After 40  

The link between age and fertility after 40 is something that concerns many women who are planning on getting pregnant in their fourth decade and beyond. In this article, I wanted to dive a bit deeper on an overlooked influence in our understanding of age and fertility after 40.

We are all aware of fertility after 40 statistics and graphs informing us that as a woman ages her fertility decreases. So if we look only to the statistics, the end result of mostly numerical analysis, then the answer to the question is very clear.

It goes something like this. Fertility decreases with age. A woman's chances of having a baby after 40  are not great. Especially so, if she is wondering about the chances of getting pregnant after 40 naturally.

Age and Fertility After 40 -
The Role Of Women

It makes sense that these are the conclusions arrived at in a patriarchal model. But it is good to remember that they reflect a patriarchal approach to statistics which is not able to entertain yet the more subtle influences in the story of age and fertility after 40. And has had no clue about the role of the feminine in the co-creative process.

Along with providing sexual satisfaction, a woman's value have been linked to her ability to bear children to continue the family line. And through-out the planet, we have seen many, many women having many children. Without support. In the absence of financial resources. Devoid of the voice or power to say no.

For a multitude, motherhood has been (and is) a very hard journey. Over hundreds of years, millions of women have probably yearned for their baby-making to stop. And the reality is that a huge number of women will have had their fill of motherhood by the time they are 40.

Indeed, it is likely that in many cases, their creative power was being channeled into "not getting pregnant". So it is important to remember that this is backdrop against which fertility statistics and the story of age and fertility after 40 have emerged.

Age and Fertility After 40 -
 Engaging the Feminine™

As we begin Engaging the Feminine™, we can see those familiar statistics from a much broader perspective. And from this vantage point, their greedy grip on "truth" recedes considerably in the story of age and fertility after 40.

Instead of interpreting statistics as a measure of what a woman can do, we understand that they reflect only what we have co-created in patriarchy. Instead of identifying women as victims of these terrible statistics, we begin to notice evidence of women creating what they want.

And we gaze with feminine curiosity at the most important piece of the puzzle:

Fertility statistics have been birthed in a climate that didn't understand the creative process, the role of the feminine in that or how our deepest desires, expectations and intentions shape results.

Age and Fertility After 40 -
 Fertility Evolution

We can appreciate what has been. And the contribution of so many women, babies and professionals to this chapter of the story of age and fertility after 40.

We are in a position now to shape the evolution of fertility and co-create something even more lovely. Along with science, medicine and the gorgeous masculine.

If this resonates, you can begin by intending to engage your feminine wisdom in your fertility journey now. And decide to pour your creative power into what you truly want. As opposed to what others believe is possible or appropriate for a woman of 'your age'.

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