Adoption and Surrogacy – Feminine Wisdom from My Daughter

adoption and surrogacy

Adoption and Surrogacy  

Would you consider adoption and surrogacy after 40? Or is that something you are ruling out? For those interested, I will share a few useful links first before offering feminine wisdom on this.

Read here for more about what adoption and surrogacy are. You will find the difference between adoption and surrogacy elaborated upon in this article.  While this link highlights what one would need to consider when weighing the options between adoption and surrogacy. I would like to take a broader look at adoption and surrogacy here through lessons I learnt from and with my daughter.

Adoption And Surrogacy And....
My Daughter!

My little girl was going through a very long, intense period emotionally and was feeling everything so deeply. During this time we attracted into our lives a beautiful kitten with whom my daughter fell in love. Mismito was always in her arms and my daughter was able to express this intense energy in a more positive way with her. Just to set the scene for you...impassioned cuddling, squeezing and dialoguing with our friendly feline were frequent events.

On the outside, at times, it may have looked as though we should have taken the kitten away from her. But I could see that something deeper was happening between them. And that the kitten was a willing participant.

I'm delighted to say that, along with the help of flower essences, my daughter moved through that phase in a beautiful way. The kitten has now taken up root in our family and since then given birth herself.  But what was really beautiful was how my daughter was so protective and so caring of this cute clowder. She had she been able to move to a place of relating with the crew that was gentle and soft (although still passionate). And it was very clear that there was a reciprocation happening. This cat had served our family, my daughter and I in a beautiful way. And now we were given the opportunity to do that for her. My little girl rose to the occasion!

Adoption and Surrogacy -
Feminine Wisdom

But what has this got to do with adoption and surrogacy? Well, it reminded me that sometimes we are very attached to a particular way of things. The linear approach that patriarchy loves. And I would have loved my daughter not to have experienced all that emotional upheaval.

However, in hindsight, it is so beautiful that she has had that experience because not only does she know now that she can transform something like that in her life. But also, she has made this gorgeous friendship.  A sacred connection with another creature that is rich and meaningful. And that is where adoption and surrogacy came in for me.

Sometimes, on the fertility journey, we are very attached to motherhood showing up in a particular way. But that attachment may well be the result of a patriarchal download that distracts us from a deeper, feminine truth that is much more open to different possibilities.

Adoption and Surrogacy -
Being Open To Your Feminine Guidance

What I would like to invite you to consider now, is an openness to allowing the very best to happen for you on your fertility journey. And for that to be able to show up in a non-linear way. Your feminine wisdom has heard all your requests and with each baby step can guide you into what you truly want. You can intend to be truly open to the best for you and your beautiful family now.

Have you been ruling out adoption and/or surrogacy? Please share below what comes up when I share this. Your feminine contribution here really matters!

Video - Adoption and Surrogacy

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