2 Week Wait – 3 Tips To Support Pregnancy

2 week wait

 The 2 Week Wait   

​The 2 week wait can feel like it lasts for ever. Ironic when you consider that for much of the fertility journey we are immersed in fears about ​time running out to have a baby.

It's one of the few instances, as a woman over 40 or 50, in which you might find yourself wanting time to slip by - as ​quickly as it possibly can. Because the 'not knowing' can be very difficult. 

​Even if your healthy, new pregnancy is progressing beautifully, the 2 week wait can bring up all our fertility stress - as you sit on the fence between trying to conceive and really being pregnant.

​On top of this is the prevalent notion that there isn't much you can do during the 2 week wait to help your pregnancy.

​Osier's Question....

​But that idea is merely a product of our male, patriarchal world that doesn't understand the role of the feminine (beyond the biological) in the creative process.

Before​ I explore with you my 3 tips to support your fertility during the 2 week wait (and share my personal waiting strategy), allow me to share an extract from the message Osier sent me - as this was the inspiration for the article and video below. 

How can I fill the waiting period Deirdre? 

What can I do during the 2 week wait, to support my chances of conception?"

That's a great question Osier and it feels really important to address initially the whole 'waiting' piece - which leads me to ​Tip 1​​: Don't wait​! Let me explain this a little because it is really important if you want to support your pregnancy.


When we are waiting for something, there is a sense of being held back in some way. Instead of moving forward with purpose, we have the impression of progress being impeded - our development being arrested at some level.

​In a way, it is quite natural that we feel this because our male world puts all the emphasis on the ​result. In other words, we can be happy ​once the goal is achieved. We have to wait for that. But this reluctance to living fully now is not necessarily what you want to model to your baby. Is it?

​So if you would love your little embryo to proceed with confidence, then dispose of the 2 week wait. 

Show up in your ​feminine power instead and demonstrate the kind of behaviour you would love your baby to exhibit. In other words, use this time constructively to support your thriving now.

​What might that look like? Well you could start be reading articles about how to be a confident pregnant woman​ for example. Or this one about preventing preeclampsia​ (well worth a read to set you up for success now).

You get the drift. Instead of waiting, intend to pour your Creative Feminine™ ​ into what will help you and your baby flourish now. And tell your baby what you are doing!

​Filling The Wait....

​You asked Osier specifically how to fill the 2 week wait and even this phrase is worth exploring more. Because although the male approach is that we 'get busy' in order to achieve what we want - hence the desire to fill the time - I am inviting you to begin to engage your feminine wisdom here instead now.

​In this instance, instead of filling the time to keep those fertility doubts at bay, how about releasing some extra baggage instead. During this period, (Tip 2) I invite you to become aware of where your fertility energy is being drained - in other words the people or patterns in your life that are using up the energy you need to have a baby.

Because if you are alert, you will discover from what your feminine wisdom is guiding you to disentangle - in order to thrive in pregnancy and motherhood now. Rather than filling this 2 week wait, shed what depletes you and make room for the kind of support and joy you really want in motherhood. ​

Your Feminine Journey

​With a deeper understanding of the Creative Feminine™ and how to leverage her contribution, you can experience the 2 week wait​ in a very different way. 

And while you may value hugely the end result (e.g. a positive pregnancy test), you realise that being present in every single step ​really supports your pregnancy (Tip 3)​.

​You can prevent negative fertility emotions from overwhelming you during the 2 week wait by:

  • Focusing on the very best in this moment
  • Diving deeply into the moments that are truly pleasurable.

This is what Positive Psychology refers to as savouring​ and it is a habit that will serve you powerfully as a woman and a mother. It has utterly changed my life.

And as you cultivate the practice of ​diving deeply into what you love most about each and every step, you harness the power of your emotions and feeling ​(your feminine wisdom) and give yourself the best chance to experience pregnancy success now.

​My Personal Approach...

​Waiting was never my forte. Queues and delays for example used to bother me. A lot. There was always something else more important that I could or should be doing. ​But that was before I began to engage my Creative Feminine™ consciously. 

Here is what I do now. Perhaps it will inspire a few ideas for you to play with during the 2 week wait and beyond.

When I am in a position where waiting is required, I pretend that the reason I am waiting is because ​there is somebody or something in that situation that is needing desperately to be appreciated. ​

​Having to wait is a secret signal that I have been asked to appreciate deeply the people, processes, systems, ideas, objects etc. that are in the scene. It's like a sacred assignment that I have been given.

First of all, I notice ​anything pleasant, like a colour or a smile etc. Then I appreciate anybody or thing that has contributed to the moment. In my heart I say to myself "Even if I don't understand your contribution yet, I thank you for it deeply."

It feels nice, my energy shifts and I begin to perceive the beauty and magic that is indeed filling that moment. And the side effect is that there is no waiting involved as I execute this sacred task to the very best of my ability...

I hope there was value in this for you and would love to hear your experience of the 2 week wait and what you found most helpful. Please share below because your feminine contribution here really, really matters.

Video - 2 Week Wait