Planning On Getting Pregnant At 40 Plus?


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Fertility After 40

In the not-so-distant future, getting pregnant at 40, 50 and well beyond will be natural and normal.

It is perfectly natural now indeed, but our individual and collective beliefs and intentions around fertility have created a reality in which fertility has dropped significantly after age 40.

This makes sense from many perspectives including the likelihood that most women of this age have probably not wanted to have any more children.

getting pregnant at 40 plus
getting pregnant at 40 plus

More important though, is the fact that the dominant wisdom around fertility has been conceived, birthed and reared in a patriarchal model that does not yet understand the feminine or the role of the feminine in the creative process.

So instead of looking at the beliefs and expectations that have created this version of reality, we have tended to view this decline as a hard measure of what is truly natural and possible for a woman. Until now.

We have so much to be grateful for from the contributions of scientists, researchers and service providers who have been working to support women in the field of fertility over the years. For sure, we are standing on the shoulders of giants in this regard.

And we are ready now for the next step in fertility evolution, one that understands and engages the feminine with the masculine to facilitate beautiful, empowering co-creation.

I thank all the women, men and babies (including those whose time with us was very short) for helping us to reconnect with our wholeness and powerful capacity to co-create what we truly desire as vibrant, vital, women and mothers.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join us by signing up for my Letting Go Of "Old" - Fertility Gift Pack, so you can begin to apply the wisdom of the feminine now when getting pregnant at 40 plus!

getting pregnant at 40 plus

I love your uniquely creative and positive perspective on the feminine. I have to say I found your audios very helpful and I think your work is quite unique and special.…you are doing incredible and very powerful work and I am happy to promote your approach as it was so helpful to me on my fertility journey.

Jacqui, Scotland
gave birth first time at 48

What is There to be Encouraged About When Planning on Getting Pregnant At 40 Plus ?

Fertility Statistics

If you must focus on fertility statistics around getting pregnant at 40 plus, put your attention on those that feel good like this one: Percentage of women at age 40 who are trying to get pregnant and will give birth within 4 years Leridon (2004).

How marvellous! And this is in a world, that doesn't understand yet the role of the feminine in fertility and pregnancy success. Now let's create new, feminine, fertility statistics!

What will happen when women who are planning on getting pregnant at 40 and beyond are actively engaging their feminine wisdom too ??

Thank you Deirdre! It is a miracle and a blessing and the most amazing, beautiful experience of my life! I am so grateful. I cry tears of love, gratitude, awe and humility every day. The experience has been overpowering, in a positive way. And your work was part of the equation for attracting her into my body and heart and world. Thank you for that.

Deb, USA,

gave birth for the first time at age 47
  • Remember that the dominant wisdom and approach to fertility on the planet at the moment is a patriarchal one that does not understand the role of the feminine in fertility or the co-creative process.
  • Understand how this model is affecting your experience of fertility, fertility after 40 and you showing up fully as a woman and mother
  • Realise that you probably have not been accessing your fertile, feminine power on this journey and can begin to do that now!
  • Learn how you can be Engaging the Feminine® in fertility after 40 and flowering as a mother!

Through Engaging the Feminine®, not only is Deirdre Morris changing the world of fertility as we know it, but she is helping parents-to-be lay sacred foundations for their family and create a very welcoming environment for new babies coming into the world.

Jack Canfield,

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Expectant Woman's Soul®

Planning On Getting Pregnant At 40 Plus?

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